Making your house a space you love,
without costing the Earth

We love home decor, we love interior design.

But what we most love is the challenge of improving a home on a budget. We love to be creative!

Our interior design service

Our Story

Est. 2017

Albert & Moo is the long standing dream of me, Lianne Westwood, which finally became a reality in late 2017. With a love of interior design since I was a child, a career in online retail spanning a decade, and a newly acquired interior design diploma under my belt, it was a trip to Berlin that finally inspired me to take the plunge. Combining what I know, with what I love, my very own interiors website was born. Having taken on two renovation projects, and being asked for interiors advice by numerous friends and family, Albert & Moo Interiors was the logical next step.

Since then, a move from London to Suffolk and now undertaking a fourth renovation project, I'm excited to now be offering a full, in person interior design service whilst still offering the existing remote service.

The home decor store still sits alongside the interior design packages to both compliment and provide something for those who don't need an interior designer but just want somewhere to go to find lovely things for their already lovely home.